In This Life, You Will Have Troubles

Anne Beiler - You Will Have Troubles

We seem to be surprised when tragedy or trouble comes knocking on our door. Yet, Jesus said, “In this life, you will have troubles”. It’s what happens on this imperfect planet called “Earth”.

Troubles or tragedy impact us and can change our destiny. Choices we make, accidents that happen, or illness we may experience can alter our hopes and dreams, leaving us feeling confused and hopeless. I remember talking with a friend who was in the beginning stages of ALS. We were discussing his disease and the power of prayer for God to heal him. He wanted to be healed but I remember him saying to me, “Who am I that God should heal me? What about ALL the people in this world who are suffering in greater ways than I am? Am I more deserving than they are?”

My friend believed God could make his life “all better”, but he also understood something about “troubles in this life”, which helped him endure the deterioration of his body for over 10 years with a smile on his face and faith in a loving God to help him get through to the other side of this disease.

He understood that Faith in God did not exempt him from troubles that shattered his hopes and dreams.

He understood that troubles strengthen your Faith.

He understood that Faith in a living God is the safest place to be and he believed “the rest of the story…..BUT….be of good cheer for I have overcome the world”. In all the years of his suffering I never knew him to “be of good cheer”… I always knew him to be smiling.

He knew that one day he would overcome and, just last week, our friend while in hospice care, overcame it ALL. He left this world and went home to be with the Lord. I believe his faith has now taken him to a whole new world of perfect understanding and the faith he practiced every day to overcome is no longer needed. He KNOWS what it means to overcome it all.

Troubles are necessary. They help us stop and notice God. Written in memory Of Gordie Miller

– Anne Beiler