The Enemies Within & Without

Anne Beiler - Enemies Within & Without

Peace within creates a presence you carry.  When we are in a constant struggle within our mind and heart, our presence carries with it a countenance of sadness, depression, or anger.  The struggles that make your “mind race” and your “belly hurt” are an indication that there is an enemy at work within.

The enemy can be our own thoughts –

Thoughts about why we’ve been hurt….
Why God allows pain…
Or why our dreams have been shattered.

And the list goes on.

We become our own worst critic and we feel like we can never measure up to our own expectations. Peace within comes about when we stop blaming others and begin taking responsibility for our own actions and thoughts.  To overcome adverse circumstance, we must overcome ourselves.  Thinking and dwelling on how others have hurt us will only keep us focused on the outward “enemies”.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Hurting people hurt others.”  The enemy within will never be silenced until we conquer placing blame on the outside forces.  For years, I blamed others for hurting me and it left me powerless to change.  I wanted peace within but I was too busy blaming others and could not see myself.  When I stopped blaming others and began to focus on my ability to overcome, the journey of peace began.  I began to understand that I was my own worst enemy and, if I could conquer myself, I would have the power to conquer the forces on the outside.

Jesus said, “I have come to give you peace.”  He faced the ultimate test.  And, because He had peace within, He could withstand anything that came against Him.  He never blamed anyone from the cross but, instead, He forgave everyone that hurt Him.  When we have peace within, nothing that we face will be too difficult to go through.

– Anne Beiler