Fame, Faith & Effectiveness

Anne Beiler - Fame Faith & Effectiveness

effective [ih-fek-tiv] – Producing a decided, decisive, desired effect.

Mother Teresa may be one of the most effective people of our lifetime.  She would know what it means to be faithful.  Her mission in life was to care for the most impoverished children of India, and that’s exactly what she did until she died at the age of 87.

For those who visit her humble abode today, they will find very little in terms of earthly processions.  A friend of mine who lives in India went to see her home, which has become a “holy place” in the ghettos of Calcutta, India.  He said he saw only one of anything she had and that is the way she lived her life.

One pair of shoes…
One outfit…
One fork, knife, and spoon…
One chair…
One small bed.

She had very little, but she lived a very effective life.

To be effective is to be productive and to be productive there has to be a task to accomplish.  Some of us believe that if we were successful or famous, THEN we would be effective… no.  We simply need to be motivated to DO something and our motivation will make us effective.

My mother sang a song for all 8 of us children: “There’s something for ALL to do… there’s work for the aged and work for the young, there’s work for us all and excuses for none.  There’s work for the feeble and work for the strong, there’s something for all to do.”

One thing is certain – if we do NOTHING, we will NOT be effective.  On the flipside, if we do SOMETHING, we WILL be effective.

As Mother Teresa said, “Just be faithful.”

– Anne Beiler