Simple Does Not Mean Easy

Anne Beiler - Simple Does Not Mean Easy

When I think of the simplicity of my lifestyle growing up as a kid on an Amish farm… I smile.  Our life was simple, safe, and secure, but it was never easy.

I’ve always enjoyed the more simple things in life, I guess because I grew up that way.  My mom and dad never had more than they needed, and they modeled simplicity in a way that, today, intrigues me.  Their life was simple but it was far from easy.  They followed simple principles like:

Be kind to one another;
Love your neighbor as yourself;
Go the extra mile;
And give and it will be given to you.

Simple in word – yes.
Easy to do – NO!

My mom would quote those simple principles to all 8 of us kids daily because she knew it would not be easy for her children to apply them.  Today, my grandchildren, when talking about technology, will say, “Oh NeeNee… it’s simple!”  Every time they say that I groan inwardly and say, “But, it’s not easy!!”

When we were still involved with the Auntie Anne’s business, I would tell our franchisees, “Making a pretzel looks simple, but it’s not easy.  Doing business sounds simple, but it’s not easy.  Most times, things are more difficult than they seem”.

To make something easy to follow, or easy to do, takes practice… and there will always be a learning curve throughout the process in order to make something “simple”.

– Anne