Love & Miracles

Great Love & Miracles

I’m counting my blessings, especially after an experience I had on Friday.  I took a walk to downtown Sarasota – it was a beautiful, balmy, perfect Florida kind of day.  I was walking along aimlessly enjoying the shops, the people… and noticed quite a few homeless individuals holding their signs and asking for money.  My normal response is pretty much like the priest and the Levite in the story of the “Good Samaritan”: look away, pretend I don’t see them, and keep on walking… honest confession.

As I walked by this young lady who looked to be about 18, I felt compelled to stop and talk with her… but I kept walking.  I continued my aimless and enjoyable day for another 20 minutes and decided I must go back to her.  I went back and asked her if I could sit down by her… she looked a bit puzzled, but smiled and said yes.  I sat down on the sidewalk with her and we talked for nearly an hour.

She told me her story of a trail of broken relationships, and then I understood why she was homeless.  I saw myself where she is – if I had not had a loving family, a husband who loves me, two daughters to live for, and a God who I know loves me.

As I count my blessings, I am reminded once again of ALL the people in my life who have loved me, encouraged me, sang to me, cheered me on, and kept me “off the street”.  That may sound a bit extreme, I know, but, truly, if it wasn’t for the love and acceptance of friends and family during a period of about 10 years, I would have died in my despair.

I am counting my blessings and I KNOW “where love IS… miracles can happen”.  I made a friend on the street and I believe LOVE can make miracles happen for her and the baby she is pregnant with.

– Anne