A Trouble Free Heart

Anne Beiler - Trouble Free Heart

A heart that is free is a heart at peace.  Peace of heart is an invisible force, but is manifested in our behaviors.

So, how do we face trouble and maintain our peace?

We all have our share of troubles and how we respond to troubles is the indicator of the condition of our heart.  Troubles can be anything from an annoyance that won’t go away or as catastrophic as the sudden death of a loved one.  It can come in a second… in a text or a phone call giving you bad news.

One thing is certain, trouble comes to ALL of us.  Whether it’s troubles of our own making or troubles that we have no control over, how we respond has a great deal to do with the way we have been conditioned by life’s experiences.

There is strength in peace.  When we live in peace, trouble cannot take away our peace permanently.  The sudden calls can temporarily steal our peace and momentarily trouble us, but the power of a peace-filled heart and mind will help you bounce back to a heart that is free.

Jesus said, “My peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you”.  ALL things are possible… including peace in this troubled world.

– Anne