Jesus, Others, & Yourself

Jesus, Others, & Yourself


Jesus first;
Others next;
Yourself last.

Doesn’t sound like a 21st century statement, right?

Actually, it’s a statement my mother would make to all 8 of her children on a daily basis.  I suppose with eight of us living, working, and playing together this idiom was necessary for the survival of the family for which she cared.  She was the kind of mother that lived her statement and, as a result, she was able to make the statement with authority.  What we do speaks louder than what we say, and her daily life made it easy for us to believe that, if we put others first, the quality of our life would benefit our family, community, and world.

“Others first” was the life that Jesus modeled for us and, if we read the four Gospels carefully, we clearly see the demonstration of the “others first” model in every act that he performed.  He also shows us that “others first” does not make us a doormat or pushover but, in fact, produces fruit that builds strength of character.

It’s easy to believe the lie that I am number one, and that it’s ALL about ME.  We hear it in most every television commercial and we’re bombarded with many voices that tell us to take care of “me”.  The end result is that our world becomes very small and we shrivel up like a dried up prune and become ineffective in building relationships that last a lifetime.

In our homes, our communities, our businesses, and wherever our path takes us, the “others first” model will give us the kind of JOY that only comes when we practice it on a daily basis.  My mother’s whole life was about others and, as I’ve seen the result of it, it gives me great determination to carry on the “others first” way of thinking and living.  All of us are faced with the option of ME first or OTHERS first every single day.  Choose OTHERS first and see the transformation take place and the JOY will come naturally.