Your Purpose, Your Treasure

Anne Beiler - Purpose is Greatest Treasure

We all look for treasures.  Sometimes it’s as small as a piece of jewelry, a letter written by someone we love, or a family heirloom that’s been lost over time.

Treasure – something that is very significant to us.

We look for the treasure because we believe if we find it we will experience happiness.  And it’s true, finding a treasure gives us happiness for the moment.

Recently, I found a ring that had great significance for me.  I bought it when we opened our first Auntie Anne’s store in California.  It was the first ring I bought that was quite expensive and I wore it everywhere I went.  I enjoyed the ring because it always reminded me of God’s blessing to our family through the business Auntie Anne’s.

I lost my ring over a year ago and I felt like I had lost something of significance.  I searched for it randomly and in the strangest places.  Eventually, I gave up on ever finding my ring.  In February of this year we went to our place in Florida.  We were replacing an old TV and I found my ring… right there under the old TV!  I was overjoyed with happiness and screamed with delight!  I’d found my treasure!

Finding your purpose is by far the greatest treasure you will ever find.  It not only gives you happiness for the moment, but a reason for living.  I read a book called “The Spirit of Happiness” by T. Byram Karasu.  A quote in his book says it well:

“Identifying your purpose in life is the toughest task you’ll ever face.  But once you define your purpose, the meaning of your life will become clearer and all other tasks, no matter how difficult they may seem, will become easier”.

Discovering your purpose is by far the most important discovery you will ever make. We were all created for a specific purpose – the reason for our existence on planet earth.

When we discover our purpose, our life will be fulfilling and significant.  We don’t wonder anymore “what is my reason for living?”, but rather we wake up each morning knowing the reason for another day.  No purpose, no joy.  Purpose gives you joy and, in the process, you lose your selfish ambitions because your purpose is always about others.  When your purpose is about others, you stop looking for the next high or the next great experience.

Your purpose will give you… Power to overcome any obstacle that you will face.

Your purpose will give you… A passion for others that is unbelievable.

And your purpose will give you… A position of influence.

Find your purpose and you will have your treasure for life.

– Anne Beiler