Takers “never” have enough & Givers “always” have plenty…

what to do whTakers -never- have enough andGivers -always- have plenty...en you feel stuck

There’s been sermons preached about giving, songs sung about it and books written to inspire us to be givers.
There’s a song I love by “The Vocal Band”, “Give it away”.  There are two kinds of people….givers and takers.
To hear stories about people receiving from givers always inspires me.
One of the many stories in the Bible that intrigues me is the story of the”Ten lepers”.  The fact that Jesus touched & healed ten lepers!
What I find most remarkable about the story is the fact that only one of the ten said… Thank You!
I can hardly fathom the fact that only one took the time to go back to Jesus & say
Thank you…
Takers never have enough…
And may I add takers are rarely grateful. It puzzled Jesus enough to say to the man that returned ….
You’re welcome son, But…where are the other nine?
We are followers of the greatest example of giving and it is our privilege to follow His example.
Society has given us the message
“I am entitled or I deserve”…
Nothing is further from the truth! We are called to be givers. No matter what the response…Gratitude or ingratitude, our response can always be to “keep giving”,
because we will always have plenty…Because of Jesus!

-Auntie Anne Beiler