Love Never Dies…

“Love never dies…
You cannot put it in a casket and bury it”

I love that line!
Love is a powerful force that originates with God who was and is and always will be…
Since love is found in the one who created us then there is no end to it.

The word love is overused and abused.
Like…..We “love” our homes, cars, eating chocolates, cookies or a bowl of ice cream
There is always a beginning and an ending to the “things” we love.
Even in a good relationship there will be a beginning and an ending. We’ve all buried someone that we love deeply.
The thought that “love cannot be put in a casket and buried” struck me over the weekend as I thought about my Dad whom we buried 33 years ago when he was just 63 years old.
There was a physical ending to my relationship with my dad however, the love he had for me was never buried.
At the time I was 34 and I had no idea how his love for me would continue to impact my life. Love is life giving and is a powerful force that cannot be extinguished!

I love the fact that we can build relationships and we can love with the thought in mind that love will never die. I have never loved and felt bad about it!
The seeds of love will always bare fruit even after we’re gone from this life. The thought that we can love to our hearts content and there will always be more to give is evidence that it can not be exhausted or buried. The truth found in Romans chapter 8..

“nothing” can separate us from the love of God…..
Neither death nor life Angels nor demons, The present nor the future
No powers, nor any height nor depth.
Nothing in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God which is found in Christ Jesus.

“Love never dies and
Love can not be
Go out and love someone today…


-Anne Beiler