“Out of our pain Our purpose was born”

I’ve used that quote each time I’ve had the opportunity to speak in the last 10 years …it speaks of redemption to me.

In the midst of pain it’s difficult to see or feel anything except for pain.
As you find relief from your past and you begin to look back it becomes crystal clear that your pain has impacted and even changed your life.
What nearly destroyed you can become the very thing that gives you purpose to help others find redemption.

Recently we had the opportunity to attend church in Birmingham, AL ¬†with our friends Mark and Rosetta Means….
Church Of The¬†Highlands…Pastor Chris Hodges.
His message was about about the importance of purpose & understanding that…”you’re not one in a million, you’re one of a kind”…
Each of us has a specific purpose for an opportune time for an eternal purpose…Take what u know
and teach someone.

Attach your purpose to everything you do.
Don’t worry about how bad the world is, rather be a light with your purpose and go into the world with it. Use your purpose to make an impact.

I’ve been asked many times,
“how do I find my purpose”?
I love the 3 points
Pastor Chris Hodges made about finding your purpose.

1..Your purpose is found In your gifts & passions
2..Your Purpose is found in your life’s experience
3…There is Purpose in your pain

Believe that you’re “one of a kind” and you have a job to do that is unique to you.
Discover it and feel the joy of a
“Purpose filled life”.


-Anne Beiler