“As long as we’re alive, we can change”


A quote I heard a few weeks ago by my friend who has chosen to make some huge changes in her life against ALL odds!
I was struck by the simple yet overwhelming power of her words.
How often we believe the change needs to be made by someone else or we talk ourselves into believing….
This is just the way it is…..sigh…

In the early days of Auntie Anne’s as the company was growing
“change is our friend” was stated often around the office.
To grow we had to keep changing.
So it is in life….To grow means we have to change.

The only thing constant is change and yet I find myself at times resisting it.

Many of us experience our own powerlessness to change.
How often we cry out and ask God to change us and we find ourselves unchanged.

I believe our quality of life truly depends on our ability to change.
To change our circumstances may not always be possible, but to change ourselves is always possible.
Truth is “I am the only person I can change”.
Sometimes we deplete our energy hoping & praying “they” will change and
never stop to look inside of ourselves.
Too admit “it’s me…!”
I need to change …is a sure sign of growth!

When we discover that we can only change ourselves,  we start looking for new information that will help us change.
Pick up a book that will give you new ideas and begin to practice new behaviors.
Old habits die hard and new habits take time to establish.

I remember my mom saying,
“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.
Not sure where she picked up that line… I have to disagree with my mom.
I believe an old dog can learn new tricks…
I believe as my friend said, “long as we’re alive, we can change”.
I believe when we get sick & tired of being sick & tired we’ll dig a little deeper and find there’s always more we can find to make our lives happier, more productive,
and satisfying.
God help me to change the things I can, accept the things I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference.
God is always more than happy to give us courage, strength, help and wisdom when we decide…
It’s me …. It’s me
Oh Lord.

Many Blessings,