A Tribute To All Moms

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Happy Mothers Day to all the moms –
Those who have many children,
those who have one child,
those who have adopted children,
and those who are still hoping and praying to hold a baby of their own.

Wherever you find yourself in the journey, you have a unique ability to be the carriers of love for every child ever born.

While Mother’s Day is a celebration of mom’s everywhere, I understand that it may not be a happy day for many women. I’m one of those moms who dreaded Mother’s Day for many years. As a very young mom, I experienced the death of our 19-month-old Angela Joy. After she died, my stomach would go in knots as Mother’s Day approached.

I knew there would be a Mother’s Day service and although I had two beautiful daughters, the thought of Angie not being with us made that day challenging to enjoy.

The struggle intensified as I encountered many moms who were not able to have children. I felt guilty for feeling sad. After all, I had two beautiful daughters and felt like I had no reason to be sad.

I know now that Mother’s Day is a time of celebration and also a time for compassion.

We can celebrate with all the moms who have children, and we can be compassionate with those who have lost a child or still hoping for their little one.

No matter what our emotions are on this day, we all have a mother to thank for giving birth to us.

I can not help but remember my mom who birthed eight of us children and miscarried two. I am grateful for a mother who role modeled what “being a Mom” is all about. I only wish I would’ve lived up to the example she was to all of her children.

There’s a story in the Bible about a mother named Hannah. There are many relatable parts of her story:

She was barren for many years
She pleaded with God for a son
She made a promise to God in her desperation to give him back
She finally became pregnant
She nursed and weaned her child
She gave her child up to be raised in the Lord’s house by the Priest Eli
The despair of wanting and losing a child is Hannah’s story. There is more said about her despair as she pleaded with God to grant her a son, then is written about her despair after having a child and giving him up. The decision to give her son away would’ve been difficult beyond anything I can imagine! Her full story is found in 1st Samuel 1-3.

What I find interesting is that nothing is recorded about her emotional distress after her son was born. Nothing is said about the difficulty of giving up her only son. Instead, we read praises to God for giving her a son that would be taught in the ways of God.

I can only imagine what she must have been feeling!

Each time she went to see her son, the priest would bless her with a promise that there would be another child. In exchange for giving her one son to God, Hannah went on to mother three more sons and two daughters. God was her constant source of hope through all of this. May we all be like her.

May you find hope and courage as you trust in God for a baby to hold.
May you trust in God as you dedicate your child to God.
May you trust in God by giving up your child for a better life.

Whether you’re currently enjoying the important role of being a mom or deeply desiring to be a mom in the future, God hears every prayer you pray. Trust Him and hope in Him. Make God a part of your journey of joy and sadness.

I now enjoy celebrating Mother’s Day and each year, and I’m grateful to be a mother to four children:

A miscarriage in Heaven
A daughter in Heaven
A daughter in Arizona
A daughter living down the street from me
As I reminisce about being a mother, I can genuinely say it has been the greatest joy of my life.

Happy Mothers to you, wherever you find yourself in the journey of motherhood.

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