Doing the Little Bit

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Do you ever feel like you can’t make a difference? Many times we see the needs around us and it feels like “too much.”

Our families, communities, churches, and society at large are overflowing with people who need to be loved and cared for. I am overwhelmed by the emotional pain of society and many times I feel if I can’t make a big difference then I can do nothing about it at all.

The truth is that we can do something if we get out of the way. We tend to be “self” centered rather than “others” centered. Our very nature is about “me first.” (Or maybe it’s just me.) But if we step outside of ourselves, we can discover the joy of doing a “little bit” on a daily basis to help others.

I was reminded of this recently while sitting at a concert. I was enjoying the music, the people and the spirit of it all. Towards the end, a lady came to the front row to take pictures of the artists.

At first, I was a little annoyed because she was invading my space. (Honest confession alert!) However, I noticed by her emotional response how much she was enjoying the music.

My friend who was beside me began conversing with this lady and in a minute she told her story.

In a whispered tone, he shared with me how this lady drove from Arizona to Tennessee for this concert. Just one month ago, she buried her 41-year-old daughter, who died in her sleep of natural causes leaving three children for this grieving grandmother to raise.

That’s all I needed to know. My heart broke and like a dam, the tears began to flow. Suddenly I had great compassion for this lady and felt the need to comfort her in a “little” way.

I sat beside her and simply put my arm on her shoulder, not saying a word. (We often try to fill the silence with unnecessary chatter.) Her tears flowed like a river as I sat by her.

I felt her deep pain at that moment and there was nothing I could say to comfort her. I was speechless. We had about 45 minutes together which is a very short time to comfort someone with such deep grief.

That’s when I remembered how bearing one another’s burdens is a “little bit” that makes a big difference.

I learned more about her story. Her only daughter had bought them tickets to this concert and they were planning a mother/daughter trip together.

After her daughter passed away, she struggled with making the trip but was encouraged by her friends and family to go.

As we finished our hugs, tears, and conversation she said to me,“Thank you for taking time to care for me. I think I came here for this moment.”

I was stunned because I hadn’t done anything except hug her but that was the “little bit” she needed. It was a much-needed reminder to me to do what we can.

The grief and strength of this woman is one I will always remember.

When you think you can’t make a difference, remember this woman and do the “little bit.”

What is the “little bit” you can do today?

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