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I often hear the phrase, “follow your dreams!” It’s inspiring to think of having a dream to follow. After all, there is nothing to work towards without a dream or goal.

But there’s more to it than just dreaming. My friend, Bill Gaither, says “Your dream will get you started. Your discipline will keep you going.”

I’ve learned that there is one more step that you need to fulfill your dream – the patience to wait for it!

One of my dreams was to write more books after writing Auntie Anne: My Story and Twist of Faith. I had ideas for two more books inside of me, and I kept dreaming that one day I would find the time and energy to write. But with each passing day, I felt my dream slipping into the sunset as I was going into a season of semi-retirement.

I can’t say my dream died, but it became so dim that I believed it was too late to write a book on the subjects that changed my life.

For the last five years, I tried to keep my dream alive by telling Jonas and anyone who would listen. I kept saying, “I know I’m not done yet and there’s more God has for me to do.” Every time I said it I truly believed it even though nothing was indicating my dreams would come true. A real dream will never completely die in your heart.

I’m thrilled to announce one of my dreams has become a reality!

My new book, The Secret Lies Within: An Inside Out Look at Overcoming Trauma and Finding Purpose in the Pain, is officially available for preorder!

This book dives into the power of confession to overcome past trauma. When I did my Ted Talk on the subject, I realized the word confession could feel subjective and is a misunderstood principle. The word confession is really about embracing transparency to set yourself free, have healthy relationships, and to become all that God has for you. The message was so well received and gave me hope that the message is ready for a much broader audience.

The confidence I felt in the message was an indication that the path I was on was the right path and the timing for the book would be perfect.

I can’t tell you how satisfied I am that I did not give up on my dream! God gave me two people to help me realize my dream- Gentry Lusby and Emily Sutherland. I am grateful beyond words for their confidence in the message and for believing in me when I was wavering about my dream.

Here is my encouragement to all of you who have a dream.

When you’re discouraged, believe anyway.
When you’re sure it’s impossible, believe anyway.
When you think life has passed you by, believe anyway!

I believe Gods purpose for each of us starts with a dream that He puts in our hearts.

Trust God, look for open doors, and never give up!

We are running a preorder special for my new book. For anyone that preorders, we’ll send you a signed paperback copy now before the official release date of September 10th. Then, when your second book arrives later this year, you can give it away and help spread this important message.

To learn more about the book, how to preorder, and how to claim your free second copy, visit

Thank you for your continued support!

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