What Are You Planting in Life

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We’re in the middle of the summer season and fall is just around the corner. The fall season on the farm meant it was harvest time.

I learned at a very young age if we were to have a good harvest, planting the right seeds at the right time was a skill every farm girl needed to learn.

We planted many kinds of seeds – sweet corn, beans, carrots, red beets, spinach, squash, and more. Putting the seeds in the ground was actually the easy part of gardening.

After planting, there was plenty of work to do to ensure a good harvest.

One of the worst things about gardening was keeping the weeds under control. Weeding the garden was a daily chore we did as we waited for the sprouts to appear. Our garden was at least an acre, plus the acres of sweet corn and tomatoes we planted.

There were elements, like the weather, that was out of our control and determined how well the crops would produce. At times a storm would ravage the crops and that was a financial loss for the family.

One thing was certain, the kinds of seeds we planted produced exactly what we expected. We never had a crop of corn where we planted peas.

It was hard work but the reward of enjoying the harvest was worth it. I could hardly wait to pick a bushel of peas (my favorite) for dinner.

Reminiscing about seedtime and harvest reminds me of the importance of seed planting in relation to life and relationships.

Life is a garden. Your thoughts and deeds are the seeds. What you harvest will either be flowers or weeds. It’s up to you.

The kind of seeds we plant determines our harvest. It is within our power to have a beautiful garden filled with rich friendships, acquaintances, and deep relationships.

Planting seeds like love, kindness, forgiveness, tolerance, peace, and patience are some of the seeds you can plant. These will go a long way for the health of your own garden.

Just like planting a garden is more than hoping for a good crop, your garden of life takes more than wishing it was beautiful.

Planting your garden takes practice and intentionality.

Just like the weather or bad storms can ruin a crop, we also experience storms and hardships in life. We do not have the power to keep the storms of life from happening but we do have the power to bring sunshine to those who have experienced hardships. There’s a lot we can do to contribute to the well being of our family, friends, and strangers.

Seed planting is a task. Seeds do not plant themselves and someone has to plant them before anything can grow.

It’s the same in our lives. We need to be deliberate about planting the kinds of seeds that will produce a garden that satisfies.

Every year on the farm we started the routine of gardening all over again. The garden we planted last year didn’t automatically reproduce a new garden in the spring. (It was exhausting!)

The same happens in life. Last years successful garden doesn’t magically appear again.

So what does your garden look like?

Do you see more thistles and briars than flowers?

Sometimes we feel like we’re dormant, dead, and lifeless but start planting seeds again and you’re guaranteed new life.

Gardening is hard work and a takes a lifetime of learning.

Keep planting good seeds and you will enjoy watching your garden grow. It’s up to you what it will be.

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